#TBT to last Sunday before my world got turned upside down.  I got a text at 10am saying I couldn’t wear the dress I’d picked out for the Oscars, because Lady Gaga might need it for an after-party (nevermind that we’re not the same size).  So @Tafreshi_Fashion @Pushandcompany @Wilfordlenov @HoswayMorbakAli and I improvised.  NOW I understand she’s starring in AHS: HOTELL???  (Did I mention I’d been snowed in a hotel– total horror story– the last 2 days?)  I DO BELIEVE THESE WORLDS ARE ALL CONNECTED!!!  I just hope to have the chance to tell her how she flubbed me up on Sunday! 😉  Sadly, this story now seems so silly and insignificant. 🙁