Last night in Napa, at the @mywinesociety & @feastitforward launch, someone wrote, “Naomi Grossman, ‘Pepper’ from @ahsfx was here” on the bathroom wall. 😳When they brought it to my attention (assuming I did it), I was, of course, horrified! Though offered to at least authenticate it (since I WAS, in fact, there). So I did, with a big, uncircumcised penis (which is how YOU KNOW I’ve been there!). The owner was, in turn, horrified, but I promised to blow up her social media to make up for it. Moral of the story: DON’T GIVE PEOPLE WINE & SHARPIES! 🍷🖊🍆 But do support #mywinesociety & #feastitforward— poor lady now has to paint the wall!