"Pepper [Naomi Grossman] might be the fall's newest breakout star." -TV.com     LA WEEKLY THEATRE AWARD NOMINEE -Best Solo Performance-     "GO!" -LA Weekly     "Grossman captivates with her wonderfully expressive face and athletic body." -Backstage West     "Grossman recalls a young Imogene Coca.  She's spirited, imaginative, and genuinely funny.-Rocky Mountain News     "A firecracker of energy…  Grossman has Lucille Ball's same knack for physical humor." -Socal.com     "I nearly died laughing." -The Scotsman     "Grossman's control is absolute…  Her physical humour leaves the audience horrified and in stitches, her flexibility and comic timing is a winning combination." -Broadway Baby     "I grew steadily amazed by her ever quick-changing expressive range, impeccable timing, word-perfect delivery, and yoga-inspired physical agility.” -Fringe Review     "A laugh riot…  She portrays herself as foolish, shallow, ugly, silly, and this makes her very funny, sexy, and smart." -NYTheatre.com     "Captivating performanceBuen trabajo!." -TimeOut New York"     Her performance was thoroughly engaging and tremendously sincere… The acting felt so natural and candid, that I found myself almost thinking of Naomi as a friend." -TheEasy.com     "Grossman is such a charismatic performer… We are riveted to her every word and gesture during this theatrical treat." -Backstage

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