"Pepper [Naomi Grossman] might be the fall's newest breakout star." -TV.com     LA WEEKLY THEATRE AWARD NOMINEE -Best Solo Performance-     "GO!" -LA Weekly     "Grossman captivates with her wonderfully expressive face and athletic body." -Backstage West     "Grossman recalls a young Imogene Coca.  She's spirited, imaginative, and genuinely funny.-Rocky Mountain News     "A firecracker of energy…  Grossman has Lucille Ball's same knack for physical humor." -Socal.com     "I nearly died laughing." -The Scotsman     "Grossman's control is absolute…  Her physical humour leaves the audience horrified and in stitches, her flexibility and comic timing is a winning combination." -Broadway Baby     "I grew steadily amazed by her ever quick-changing expressive range, impeccable timing, word-perfect delivery, and yoga-inspired physical agility.” -Fringe Review     "A laugh riot…  She portrays herself as foolish, shallow, ugly, silly, and this makes her very funny, sexy, and smart." -NYTheatre.com     "Captivating performanceBuen trabajo!." -TimeOut New York"     Her performance was thoroughly engaging and tremendously sincere… The acting felt so natural and candid, that I found myself almost thinking of Naomi as a friend." -TheEasy.com     "Grossman is such a charismatic performer… We are riveted to her every word and gesture during this theatrical treat." -Backstage


Debuting in 2003, Girl in Argentine Landscape was originally mounted as a part of Miles from Myself, an evening of solo shows directed by Rich Embardo at Hollywood’s National Comedy Theatre.  There it received critical acclaim (LA Weekly, “Pick of the Week”) and earned Naomi an LA Weekly Theatre Award nomination for best solo performance.  She subsequently toured with the show to Chicago’s Single File Festival (Anthenaeum Theatre), the Los Angeles Women’s Theatre Festival (Barnsdall Gallery Theatre), and screened a subtitled video-version on the big screen in Argentina.  Girl… was most recently reprised at the 2012 New York International Fringe Festival.

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