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WALKED TO YOGA from my new place in HALF the time it takes me to DRIVE from the old.  You know what that means:  less time in traffic, more time in Eka Pada Galavasana in my Shama Jade unitard, of course!

No snow, far from family, not a tree in sight… And yet, this has got to be my merriest Christmas yet!  For TODAY I woke up A HOMEOWNER, for the first time IN MY VERY OWN PLACE!!!

On this Christmas Eve, I can’t stop thinking about Rose’s two kids, Shelby & Luke, dressed here as orphans for our “Orphans” episode.  It all just rings a little too true, having just lost their mother themselves… Please help them through this difficult time:  http://www.gofundme/RoseSiggins

Today we say our final goodbyes to Rose Siggins.  #AHS mourns with her children, Shelby & Luke.  Help them move forward:

Ahhhhh, postxmasshoppingasana!  Infinitely easier and more pleasant than braving the crowds at the mall!  (And why bother when you can just get everybody unitards at!

Happy Birthday, Mom!  You’re still as beautiful as ever.  I, conversely, am now bigger than your hand!

Rose Siggins and I shared many, many laughs (this one among them).  I can only hope she’s looking down (our cleavages) and laughing.

Rose Siggins never spent a SINGLE SECOND feeling sorry for herself, so neither can we!  (Although I admit I’ve had my moments this week.)  Her strength and smile truly serve as a reminder and inspiration to us all… Now, onto having a great weekend and happy holidays, like she would want!