Meet my new BFF, Carole! I only met her just yesterday (and I already look like I’m trying to seduce her). She saw my post about my show and DROVE DOWN FROM SAN FRANCISCO TO SEE IT!!!! And THIS is why I do what I do… To think that someone could be so moved by my work that she would book an AirBnB, get in car, and drive the entire length of California to see me?!? That is insane and awesome and moving unto itself!!! (So yah, to the friends who couldn’t make it from the valley or westside or whatever: YOU JUST GOT SERVED BY CAROLE! Ha!) 😜 Thank you to Carole, and everyone who came out. I have no more words. (And that NEVER happens!) #grateful #honored #blessed #nueawest #storytelling #actorslife #bffs 👗: Zsazsa Bodizs