I get by with a little help from my friends, like Harrison Reiner, who just posted this:

“To my friends in the Television Academy who are eligible to vote for best supporting actress awards:  My beloved and ridiculously gifted friend Naomi Grossman, one of the true good guys in Hollywood, has been submitted for consideration for a best supporting actress award in the movie or limited series category for her bravura performance on season 4 of American Horror Story: Freak Show, and don’t take my word for it, The Wall Street Journal and Perez Hilton and others have pointed out the brilliance of the performance. I have mentored numbers of you, I’ve read scripts for you, I’ve advised you, I’ve tried to be there for you in every way that I know how, in every way I’ve been able, and I rarely ask for anything from you . I am now asking you for something that’s not for me, it’s for Naomi Grossman, an actress who gave, I believe, one of the most heart-rending performances in television in recent history. For me, Naomi gave one of the most tear-jerking, devastating performances on television—ever—in episode 10 of Season 4 of American Horror Story, playing “Pepper,” an orphaned young woman, rendered by society as a freak, who is adopted by the owner of a freak show, played by Jessica Lange. When the freak show reaches the end of its life, its creator, the Jessica Lange character, places Pepper in an adoptive home, a home in which she will never receive the love she felt from Jessica Lange’s character, who’s moving on to pursue her ambitions in Hollywood. Pepper is scared of the future. The home she’s been placed in is not only cold, she probably knows in her heart there is danger, she will be abused and she will be trapped. Pepper’s heart is torn from her when Jessica Lange, the only mother figure she’s known, leaves her off at her new, dreary, bleak, adoptive home. Upon Jessica Lange’s departure, Naomi, as Pepper, becomes emotionally undone. The moment is some of the most riveting, hearbreaking television you will ever see. If you haven’t seen episode 10 of season 4, I will buy it for you, send it to you, do what I ever have to do, let me know. We all have our household name favorites, I am asking you to help this underdog, brilliant actress who reached NUMBER ONE ON IMDB.COM at the time of her performance, by voting for her, by nominating someone who’s performance should not be overlooked. Many times merit alone doesn’t garner the recognition an emerging actress deserves, so please help me to help Naomi and nominate her for Best Supporting Actress in a Limited Series. If I have to wash your car for you, I’ll do it. Let’s help one of the good guys get the recognition she not only deserves but has earned in spades. I thank you very much. Vote for Naomi.”