I travel so much, it’s rare when something notable, nevermind hilarious happens in-flight:  I was working away at my computer; the older businessman next to me had propped his iPad up on the seat in front of him.  He fell asleep, and his Netflix queue steamed up… I glanced over, only to see what looked to be a GAY PORN playing!  STARRING A FRIEND OF MINE!!!  I knew not what to do other than snap the photos below!!! I was dying… What was this seemingly straight man (didn’t see the pinky till later) doing, watching such smut in public?!  And what was my friend doing IN IT?!  He eventually woke up, MORTIFIED, and quickly changed the channel.  I’ve since learned from my actor-friend, Eric Dean that’s it’s actually a gay ROM-COM.  In his defense, his work looked excellent!  I’ve added it to my Netflix queue to see how it ends!!