Are you following Ctrl Alt Delete as new episodes drop each Wed? Well, reviewers are, and they’re loving it! Rewire.News: “Naomi Grossman reprises her Emmy-nominated performance as Lorna, an abortion clinic frequent flyer who recites recorded instructions along with the loudspeaker and has a favorite chair. Grossman is one of the funniest characters on the show, but she’s poignant too. She’s always trying to connect with other patients, offering advice and commiseration. It might be a stretch to describe Ctrl Alt Delete’s ethos as “abortion brings people together”—but then again, it might not. Lorna, at least, is ready to forge community out of this scrappy crew. Although she’s the best part of the first season, Grossman has less screen time in season two. Still, the sight of her signing up to be a clinic escort is a hopeful sign of things to come: After multiple birth control failures and abortions, Lorna is ready to help others navigating the unjustly draconian requirements to obtain the health care they need.”