SO MUCH LOVE emanating outta NYC this week— especially from my fellow #wildcats! Even received this email from a complete stranger, who evidently also went to #nu:

“As a proud Northwestern grad myself, watching the show filled me with an immense sense of Wildcat pride. Please extend my gratitude to Naomi for the incredible experience. “American Whore Story” truly stood out to me with Naomi’s captivating storytelling, delving into her diverse history of hustling, from unconventional jobs to the intricacies of her love life.

Naomi’s ability to present her journey with unfiltered honesty,made the performance exceptionally engaging and also deeply inspiring.

The show’s combination of humor, authenticity, and a unique storytelling approach left an indelible mark on me. I found myself thoroughly immersed in the unfolding narrative, appreciating the layers of Naomi’s experiences and the triumphs she shared. It was an evening filled with laughter, reflection, and a celebration of one woman’s extraordinary journey. Thank you once again for the unforgettable experience!” @thetorcampbell