Spotted! First glimpse of “Janice” in 1BR_Film, who makes even gardening look sinister! 🌱 See what other mundane tasks she makes scary in #1BR, now #trending on #Netflix! What’s more, in the 🇺🇸 we’re ranked No. 4 in their Top 10 Movie List, No. 8 in their combined Movie/TV List, and the No. 2 Most Popular! (2nd only to Lucifer, who we can’t be mad at because he IS the dark lord, and therefore probably responsible for our assent to begin with!) Even better in 🇨🇦: No. 3 in their Top 10 Movie List, and No. 1 in New Movies! Not bad for the no-budget, little-movie-that-could! 🍾🥂🔥🙌🏼☠️🔪 #horrormovie #indiefilm #actorslife #netflixandchill