This was one of the more meaningful weekends I’ve had in a very long time. THE FEELS WERE REAL at my 20-year #nureunion, and so was the turn-out! A whopping 520-something class of ’97 alumni returned– the LARGEST 20-year reunion in Northwestern University HISTORY! I wore head-to-toe purple 4 days straight, assaulted our school mascot, did a full back-bend on the dance floor, and way out-spirited the cheerleaders (note the strategically placed paw to cover my wild-kitty). The campus was STUNNING– like a swanky, smart, Garden of Eden; and my classmates looked and are doing INCREDIBLE. I personally was relieved to not have to lie about inventing post-its, but nor did anyone– we’re all just killin’ it in our own, wildcat-way! The only disappointment was the football team… just like when we were there! Fellow theatre majors will have a giggle at my serendipitous encounters with Linda Gates & Rives Collins, and Broadway musical fans will appreciate the Heather Headley-Musso & Catherine Brunelle sightings. (Oh, and Johnny Cochran’s right hand-man, though I digress…) For me, however, the most significant part of the weekend was reuniting with “my people,” the artists/friends with whom I shared 4 of the most intellectually stimulating, creatively inspiring, fearless, fun, and formative years of my life. You all set the life-bar high!!! I ❤️ you, Wildcats… See you again at the next one!