Thrilled to be following my commercial agent to Mavrick Artists Agency! 

“Burka Girls Gone Wild” ( has also been accepted into the Faux Film Festival, Mar. 30-Apr. 1, in Portland, OR.

A big, boisterous audience awaited me this weekend in Boulder City. (This was my view from the Q&A.)

Here’s what I’m doing this weekend!

“Men At Work” ( is slated to screen at the Connecticut Film Festival, Feb. 24-26, at the Mark Twain Theatre in Hartford, CT!

“Men At Work” (, apparently an “audience favorite” at the TriMedia Film Festival, has been slated to re-screen as part of their “Best of TMFF Comedy Tonight Tour” at Loveland, CO’s Rialto Theatre on March 17!

“Paradrunken Activity” ( has just been accepted into the Faux Film Festival; Mar. 30-Apr. 1, in Portland, Oregon!

It’s always a nice feeling when a programmer special requests you to please submit to their film festival, all fees waived!

Naomi’s on the CW tonight, 8/7c! Check out “Table for Three,” starring Brandon Routh, Sophia Bush, and Jesse Bradford. She’s the nightmare roommate with the big afro-wig, expounding upon her vagina. (But of course!)

“WIGGA PLEAZE” is rollin’ out, ya’ll! Check it, and holla at yer girl!!